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April Book Box Club + April Queer Book Box + April Books That Matter Box

My apologies, this is a VERY late post. Things have been mega busy at work recently, and I’m back at college so everything is everywhere. Things should pick up a bit more now.


April’s Book Club Box was fab! The book itself was The Hand, The Eye, & The Heart. (CR the book I got in my Queer Book Box) I’ve not read it yet, but it is firmly in my TBR pile. WE GOT SAMPLERS!!!! I absolutely love book samplers. It also came with a fab dragon bookmark, shopping bag, cookie, planner, postcard, AND lip balm. 

April’s Queer Book Box, featured Pages For You by Sylvia Brownrigg. I don’t want to go into too much detail on this book as I am currently reading it and LOVING IT.  – review will be coming soon. (T-shirt is my own, it didn’t come with the box)

What I love about Books That Matter is that they aren’t a monthly subscription box. You can order one off boxes when they tickle your fancy. – which is what I do. April’s box was all about diversity and race. BTM, cover .. Well.. Books that matter! I love the feminism and female voices of these books and stories. Waiting for the June box….. PRIDE MONTH!!! 
After note…. 
I do realise how behind on blog posts I am. Doing my best to catch up, just super busy with work and college atm. 


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