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Sasha’s Secret – Book Review ** spoiler alert **

Book : Sasha’s Secret
Author : Cathy Cassidy
Release Date : 27th June 2019
Format Reviewed : Kindle eBook
Self-Purchased/Sent For Review: SP
About The Book 

Sasha has a huge secret which could jeopardise the bright future of the Lost and Found band.

Sasha seems to have it all. She’s the lead singer of an amazing band, she’s starting to get famous online and it seems like the coolest boy in school might have a crush on her. Nobody could imagine that Sasha has a huge secret that is growing too big to hide.

The band hasn’t noticed that her struggles with anxiety are overwhelming her, but when a world-famous rock-star invites the band to record music at his country mansion, and when Sasha starts having blackouts, she has a feeling that she won’t be able to keep it secret much longer…
My Thoughts 

** spoiler alert ** 

I debated whether or not to actually write this review, after some discussions with other bloggers and seeing/hearing that I’m not the only person with this opinion… It felt okay to do so.

Sasha’s Secret is a big improvement on the first two books in the Lost & Found. Overall it is better written and is more enjoyable to read. Hence the 3 star rating.

However… It does feel like Cathy wants to write more hard hitting topics. But either, doesn’t have the courage to explore them properly with depth or isn’t allowed to because of her publisher. I’ve noticed this before with her writing, she mentions subjects but never explores them completely with depth. They are glossed over and it never shows the true importance of the subject. As readers we want more emotive language, we want to feel what is happening. If you are going to explore a subject, do it properly. I really felt this with the LGBT character earlier in the series. It feels like these things get mentioned because they are popular and draw people to the book, but actually once you read the book. You sorta feel like “what’s the point.”
From the description of the book, you think that anxiety is going to be the main focus point, it’s mentioned repeatedly, yes. But you don’t feel for Sasha in that sense because it is glossed over by an epilepsy storyline. You could argue that it’s due to the age group she writes for, but many other children’s/pre-teen authors have managed it, and managed it well. Children need it how it is if they are going to connect with it fully.

Add more depth to your hard hitting topics Cathy, just dive in and do it. The readers don’t want the flowery cover ups.

Rated: 3 rainbows 


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