Book Club Box – January 2020

Deadly Secrets January 2020

I’m really loving this month’s box. The first item I have is the Dracula’s Castle Pouch by Iron & Ink. It’s a beautiful soft pouch that has already made it’s way into my work bag, now filled with chewing gum, lipstick and pens. The second item is a promo bookmark for an upcoming release called The Unforgetting. Third item, is a Blackcurrant & Clove scented candle by Amelia’s Kitchen. It reminds me of a winter berry candle that you get around Christmas time. Forth Item, Deadly Bath Skull by Pretty Suds. I’ve not used this yet, but I’m seriously hoping it turns my bath blue.

Fifth item, is a Lord Voldermort bookmark by Magic Bookmarks. Can you see how adorable the art work is? Beautiful.

The Books

There are TWO books in the box, the first is The Good Hawk by Josepth Elliott. – released in February.

Agatha patrols the sea wall with pride, despite those in her clan who question her right to be there, because of the condition she was born with.

Jaime is a reluctant Angler, full of oubt and afraid of the sea.

When disaster strikes, the pair must embark on a terrifying journey to a land where forgotten magic and dark secrets lurk in every shadow…

The second book is The Pure Heart by Trudy Tweedie again, released in February.

When Iseabail is employed by a wealthy merchant to be his daughter’s companion, her life changes forever. Transported from her remote island home to the Scottish borderlands, Iseabail is unnerved both by her precocious young charge and the house’s secrets: a hidden chapel, servants who speak in a foreign tongue, a mute stableboy. And then the merchant returns with a mysterious cargo. Why has Iseabail really been summoned here? And will she ever make it back home?

As already stated, I am loving this month’s box and can’t wait for next month’s. You can subscribe to Book Box at – not sponsored, I just love them