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Good Food for Bad Days by Jack Monroe

I’d like to start off this review by giving a huge thank you to the publisher for allowing me to have the opportunity to review an eBook copy of this book. I am a huge fan of Jack Monroe and have all of her other books, so I’m incredibly happy and thankful for this opportunity.

So far, I have made two of the dishes featured in this book. I love how simple Jack’s recipes are, and it’s a huge bonus that they are good for you and don’t cost huge amounts. As a single parent I like to be able to feed my children well, and for a low cost. – which often doesn’t happen with other cookbooks.

We have currently made Cheese and Oregano Rusks and Orange and Blueberry Oat Bars from the book, and are really looking forwards to trying the Five-a-Day Couscous and the Jaffa Cake Mug Pudding.

Another fantastic family, budget and health friendly read from Jack!

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