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Where Have I Been

My last post was in July.

I’ve had huge changes in my life over the last few months, things just kept changing, which meant I just really didn’t have the time to post here anymore. Due to Covid-19 I had to leave my last job and start a new one. I was really sad about it to begin with, but now it seems like it was the right thing to do. I’m so happy at my new job, it really was a great thing to happen as it has really benefitted my mental health. I can’t wait to get back to posting book reviews again! 😄

For those of you that love video games. I also now have a Twitch channel which goes by the name of @MoodyMudkipx

I’m back now and I’m really happy to be sharing my love of books and video games with the WWW.

See you soon!

Kym xoxo


Blogger, and book enthusiast. Video game junkie.

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