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The Pronoun Book

Disclaimer: I received an eBook copy of this book to review.

Release Date: October 2021

The Pronoun Book, is a brightly coloured and informative book aimed for children. Although if you are an adult that finds pronouns confusing, you may also find this book helpful.

The illustrations are what grabbed my attention to this book first. The are incredibly diverse, featuring people of all sizes, shapes, races and nationalities.

It starts off with the basics, explaining Male and Female pronouns, and then goes on further using terms such cis, non-binary and transgenger.

The Pronoun Book, is written in an easy way for children (and adults) to understand, and at the end of the book even includes letter templates for parents to use when discussing Pronouns with family/friends and for their child’s school.

As someone that works with children and is very familiar with children’s books, I can highly recommend!


If you are in the U.K and would like to purchase a copy on this book. Please consider purchasing from QUEERLIT.CO.UK I am not affiliated with them. – I just love them.


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