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ADHD and me – book review

Disclaimer: I received an eBook copy of this book for review. It has not effected my review or opinions.

Most children with ADHD are misunderstood. – I know this personally, because I was one of them.

It is the same for eight year old Malory, who discusses her ADHD through her own eyes. She discusses her differences to the other children she mixes with at school, and some of the problems she has. She discusses how her mother reminds her just how unique she is, and shows us the positives of having ADHD.

ADHD and me is a brilliant, and informative book on ADHD for children. What makes it so great is the empathy that the author has, discussing the self-esteem issues and feelings that many children with ADHD may experience. – and it’s all told from the perspective of a child.

Rated 4*


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