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ADHD and me – book review

Disclaimer: I received an eBook copy of this book for review. It has not effected my review or opinions.

Most children with ADHD are misunderstood. – I know this personally, because I was one of them.

It is the same for eight year old Malory, who discusses her ADHD through her own eyes. She discusses her differences to the other children she mixes with at school, and some of the problems she has. She discusses how her mother reminds her just how unique she is, and shows us the positives of having ADHD.

ADHD and me is a brilliant, and informative book on ADHD for children. What makes it so great is the empathy that the author has, discussing the self-esteem issues and feelings that many children with ADHD may experience. – and it’s all told from the perspective of a child.

Rated 4*

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No Big Deal

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No Big Deal – Bethany Rutter

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like being a fat chick. (It’s okay to use the word fat, it even says so in this book) then this book is for you.

Rutter writes about Emily, an intelligent overweight girl and her love interest Joe. We see the struggles and stigma that Emily goes through with being the size that she is. – (If you are on the smaller side and fatphobic you should also read this book) We witness her mother trying to force her into weight loss groups, and onto faddy unhealthy diets, but we also witness friendship, love, broken hearts. – and girl power, with strong girls sticking up for themselves.

A fantastic read. 4/5

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The Harmony Tarot

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I’ve been a big fan of Harmony Nice for a few years now. I absolutely love Harmony. Her videos always make me feel so inspired and good about myself. She inspired me to go on my own journey of self discovery, and it has been amazing.

I’ve eagerly been waiting for this deck release, and it hasn’t disappointed. The art style is absolutely gorgeous, and the guidebook itself gives a detailed description of each card and it’s meaning, along with a back story on Harmony.

I urge everyone interested in tarot to give this deck a try, and Harmony’s book Wicca is also worth a read.